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The Practice

A holistic healthcare facility that focuses on nutrition, exercise and wellness.

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After years of working with patients who were living unhealthy lifestyles, Dr. Mills sought to establish a medical practice devoted to holistic healthcare by focusing on nutrition, exercise and wellness. In 1999, the the practice was established with the goal of promoting healthy behaviors. As a community that encourages exercising and eating right, California has provided the perfect environment for our practice.

We have transformed from a small office to a large practice. This growth has been largely attributable to the referrals of other medical providers and satisfied patients and, as the practice continues to grow and expand, we are able to provide more services and resources to patients.

From the beginning, the ultimate goal of the SoCal Men’s Medical Group has been to provide the absolute best care possible for our patients. With so many well-trained doctors and respectable medical practices in the Los Angeles-area, we strive to be a leader in medicine through clinical excellence and a more personal style of care.

The Physicians

Take action with the best doctors, staff and facility in the country for check-ups, prevention and treatment.

Tony Mills, MD

Chief Medical Officer
Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine, UCLA
Editorial Advisory Board, Muscle & Fitness Magazine

A leading clinician in the fields of Men’s Health and HIV disease, Dr. Mills serves as the primary care provider for over 2,000 patients, including approximately 1,000 living with HIV. Dr. Mills received both his undergraduate and medical degrees from Duke University. He completed an internship in Internal Medicine, a residency in Anesthesiology and a fellowship in Cardiovascular Anesthesiology, all at the University of California, San Francisco. Dr. Mills is a member of many professional societies including the Infectious Disease Society of American, HIV Medical Association, International AIDS Society, IAS-USA, and the American Academy of HIV Medicine.

Joseph T. DeFoto, MD | The Physicians | SoCalMMG | Los Angeles, CA 90069

Joseph T. DeFoto, MD

Family Medicine

Dr. DeFoto graduated medical school in 1989 and practiced for 5 years as a board-certified family practitioner in New York. After moving to Los Angeles in 1998, he worked for the Gay and Lesbian Center’s Primary Care and HIV Practice (Lambda Medical Group) for 5 years. Before joining Anthony Mills, MD in 2008, Dr. DeFoto worked with Tower Infectious Disease. Dr. DeFoto got into the field of medicine because he wanted to work in a profession that made him feel like he did something good for people. The ability to help people while performing a job he loves is something that Dr. DeFoto considers to be a tremendous gift.

Myles Spar, MD, MPH | The Physicians | SoCalMMG | Los Angeles, CA 90069

Myles Spar, MD, MPH

Integrative Internal Medicine

After graduating from Tufts University and completing a year of research at Harvard Medical Center, Dr. Spar enrolled at the University of Michigan Medical School, where he graduated in 1993. He completed his residency in Internal Medicine at Tulane University, then pursued a fellowship in Health Services at UCLA while earning a Master’s in Public Health. Board certified in Internal Medicine and Anti-Aging medicine. Dr. Spar has worked as a humanitarian with Doctors without Borders and utilizes his broad experiences to bring a new perspective to his work as a physician. With a strong commitment to improving access among all populations, Dr. Spar views his role as a partner to his patients in order to help them achieve and maintain optimal health and invest in their own well-being.

Manuel Pardo, MD | The Physicians | SoCalMMG | Los Angeles, CA 90069

Manuel Pardo, MD

Internal Medicine
Infectious Disease

Dr. Pardo is board-certified in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases, and is nationally recognized as an HIV specialist by the American Academy of HIV Medicine. After completing medical school in 2002 in Colombia where he was born and raised, Dr. Pardo moved to the US to continue his education. While preparing for the medical boards, he worked in the medical research field and collaborated in clinical trials. In 2009, Dr. Pardo completed his Internal Medicine Residency at Tufts University in Boston. Dr. Pardo then completed his fellowship at University of California Irvine in 2011, where he focused on Infectious Diseases. Before joining SoCal MMG, Dr. Pardo worked in Long Beach, CA for The CARE Center, a non-profit HIV program for underserved patients, and was also an Infectious Diseases Consultant for Long Beach Memorial Hospital and Saint Mary’s Medical Center. Driven by his passion for treating infectious diseases and HIV, Dr. Pardo is highly compassionate toward each one of his patients.

Summer Drake, DO | The Physicians | SoCalMMG | Los Angeles, CA 90069

Summer Drake, DO

Family Medicine
HIV Specialist

Dr. Drake completed osteopathic medical school at Western University in Southern California in 2006 and became Chief Resident during her residency training in Family Medicine. She spent several years living in China, working with special needs orphans, including those with HIV. Dr. Drake completed a fellowship in HIV medicine at USC, adding to her diverse background in Osteopathy and Family and Adolescent Medicine.

Jay Kim, AGNP-C | The Physicians | SoCalMMG | Los Angeles, CA 90069

Jay Kim, AGNP-C

Nurse Practitioner

Jay Kim brings to the team his critical-care experience and specialty in gerontology. In 2015, Jay received his Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the California State University, Los Angeles, where he worked in the critical-care unit at Huntington Memorial Hospital. There, he helped launch a pilot program, bridging mentors and new-graduate nurses to overcome barriers and prevent burnout, which became known as, the “SOAR” program. Jay worked at Kaiser Permanente’s West L.A. Medical Center where he continued his nursing practice in a step-down, critical care unit. In May 2018, Jay received his Master of Science in Nursing, along with his nurse practitioner degree in Adult-Gerontology. Mr. Kim is a board-certified AGNP with the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.

Casey J. Welk, AGNP-C | The Physicians | SoCalMMG | Los Angeles, CA 90069

Casey J. Welk, AGNP-C

Primary Care Nurse Practitioner

Mr. Welk is a board-certified Primary Care Nurse Practitioner with a strong clinical background in Cardiology, HIV and Transgender Medicine. Casey held clinical and administrative positions at New York’s Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, NYP-Cornell Medical Center and Mount Sinai Hospital. He earned BS Nursing at Columbia University and his Nurse Practitioner training and Master’s Degree at Duke University.

Brentton Lowery PA-C headshot

Brentton Lowery, PA-C

Physician Assistant

Brentton Lowery is a board-certified Physician Assistant and is nationally recognized as an HIV specialist by the American Academy of HIV Medicine. Before joining SoCal MMG, Brentton worked in Dallas for the Health Education Learning Project, a non-profit sexual health and HIV prevention clinic. He earned his Master of Science in Medicine degree from Mississippi College, where he completed a six-month clerkship in HIV and Adult medicine.

Rodney Fox, PHD, NP, AAHIVS

Nurse Practitioner

Mr. Fox grew up in rural Tennessee and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from East Tennessee State University. Rodney moved to Atlanta where he worked as a RN, specializing in HIV care since 1999. After receiving a graduate degree from Emory University in 2001 and completing his Nurse Practitioner training, Rodney continued his work as a primary care HIV specialist. Previous to joining Men’s Health Foundation, Rodney hsa been providing care in the Coachella Valley since 2015, at a FQHC focused on HIV care. Rodney also holds a PhD, a research doctorate, studying the relationship between HIV stigma, quality of life and lipodystrophy.